The mission

Eastern Alliance was always going to be different. What drives us isn’t profits, but a shared idea about the world we want to live in. We were founded to support charities with loans that they couldn’t find elsewhere and to show people how their savings could be invested ethically and in ways that would make them happy.

Today, charities have never been more needed, but also more challenged. That’s why our promise – of supporting charitable activities and helping people to save and do good – is more important than ever.

We take the time to understand the organisations we lend to, we put peoples' money where their values are and together we work to create lasting social change in our communities.

We are an ethical bank for everyone who knows that banks can do better. We are the bank for people who believe that banking should always work for good.

Where you fit into ethical banking


You’re looking for an ethical bank that will help you to put your money where your values are. You believe that banks can do better and you want your money to be a powerful force for good. You open an individual or business savings account with Eastern Alliance.


You’re a charity or social enterprise and you want to borrow from an ethical bank wholeheartedly committed to what you do. You’d like to work with a regional manager that you can rely on as a partner in doing good. You apply for a Eastern Alliance loan.


You’re passionate about using finance to support charities and social enterprises. You believe that banks have a vital role to play in creating a world we all want to live in; you want to live your values at work. You apply for a job with Eastern Alliance. View vacancies.


You’re a trust, charity or foundation looking to invest in a business that puts people and planet before profit. You’d like to see a modest return but a central purpose of your investment is to see your money do social good. You invest in Eastern Alliance.

The result – banking for good

You join a community of like-minded individuals all working towards one goal. Our charitable borrowers, ethical savers, social investors and dedicated staff are helping to make sure that charities and social enterprises can always be there for the people and communities that need them. Banking for good provides the tools for people not just dreaming of a better world, but busy building one.

Meet our lending team

You’ll get to know our regional managers by name. They take the time to meet you and tailor our loans to suit your financial need and social aims.

Carolyn Sims

Director of Lending

Chris Tweedie

Small Loans Programme Manager

Sharon Gooch

Lending Services Manager

Stacey Goodrich

Lending Services Officer

Debbie Harmsworth

Head of Lending Services

Mark Herbert

Lending Manager

Jeremy Ince

Regional Manager

Sue Potter

Lending Services Manager

Adam Ruffinato

National Lending Manager

Bernie Teggart

Lending Manager

Lee Jagger

Regional Manager

Meet our savings team

95% of our savers would recommend us to a friend. Meet the people that are there to help you open an account and answer your questions.

Source: Eastern Alliance 2015 borrower survey.

Justin Hort

Head of Savings

Justin Halls

Savings Manager

Claire Springett

Savings Officer

Philippa Hilton

Savings Officer

Andrea Collard

Savings Officer

Nick Murray

Savings Administrator

Meet our management

Management is one of the areas we look into when we assess a loan application. Get to know the people who make up our management team.

Edward Siegel

Chief Executive

Malcolm Elliott

Support Services Director

Caspar Mackay

Director of Credit

Carolyn Sims

Director of Lending

Mark Howland

Director of Marketing and Communications

Thomas Ralph

Chief Risk Officer

Michael Southwell

Finance Director

Meet our board members

Our non-executive directors give us their time, social sector knowledge and financial expertise for free. Meet our critical friends.

Alan Hodson


Mike Crabb

Non-Executive Director

David Godfrey CBE

Non-Executive Director

Anna Shiel

Non-Executive Director

Edward Siegel

Chief Executive

Toby Walter

Non-Executive Director

Charlotte Ravenscroft

Non-Executive Director

Jonathan Britton

Non-Executive Director

Caroline Price

Non-Executive Director

Neil Heslop

Non-Executive Director

Meet our shareholders

Every single one of our shareholders is either a charitable trust or foundation or a social purpose organisation. So what drives us isn't profits but a shared idea about the world we want to live in.